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Keep farming. Feed people. Build community. 

Everyone needs food to eat; natural beauty to inspire; and a caring community to be part of. In these troubling times of COVID-19, Massaro Community Farm (MCF) is a place of refuge. It’s  also a place of innovation, action, and inspiration.

The MelonHead's Revised Rock to Rock (R2R) Earth Day Ride: 

In light of this pandemic, we invite you to join the Massaro MelonHeads this year in its Virtual Team Relay. During April 2020, individual team members will get outdoors to walk, cycle, or hike a total of 500 miles.  We will keep track of the individual amounts. Options include: a) walking one mile on the MCF Nature Trail; b) cycling - routes of 5, 10, 20 or more miles (MCF will supply route maps); c) hiking, perhaps on one of the town trails. Notes: This MCF event will comply with all social distancing regulations. Sorry, no dogs allowed on the MCF Nature Trail – coyotes and bobcats live in the woods. (They don’t harm people !)

                              The Massaro MelonHeads practice social distancing and meet virtually

Massaro introduces curb-side pick-up: Over the past several weeks Farmer Steve, Executive Director Caty, and the farm staff (with support from volunteers and the board) have sprung into action to create a curb-side pick-up of pre-ordered Massaro produce and products from other local farms. This service is clearly filling a need to get food to the community safely, offering an alternative to going in to a store for some items, and providing an outlet for our partner farms who have lost the regular sales outlets they depend on (e.g. restaurants, markets, schools) to keep their farm businesses going.

        In addition to Massaro vegetables, other farms pre-sell eggs, milk, mushrooms and MORE - Local and Fresh !

                            Safe, curb-side pick up of fresh Massaro produce and pre-orders from local farms

Local farms are a valuable resource: In May 1943 during World War II, there were 18 million victory gardens in the United States – 12 million in cities and 6 million on farms. By 1944 these gardens produced an amount equal to half of all the commercial production of fresh vegetables. MCF is one example of the rebuilding a local, sustainable agriculture system in America.

Why should you support Massaro Community Farm? 

  1. We are helping to reestablish a network of local food suppliers;
  2. We have donated over 65,000 pounds of fresh organic produce to those in need;
  3. We have spun off at least five new, sustainable agriculture, organic farms;
  4. We care about our community and the future of the local economy, the state, and the planet.   All we are saying is: “Give bees a chance”. (We have 19 beehives on site.)
  5. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

View Massaro Community Farm's drone flyover video here.

               Thank you for your support of Massaro Community Farm !