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We hope you'll join or donate to Common Ground's team today!

Stop to consider an experience you've had at Common Ground. Did it happen near a campfire? Did you overhear high school students talking about the complex intersections between social and environmental justice? Perhaps you just came here for a gentle walk in the woods, letting your mind unwind from the pressures of living in a city and re-connecting with the farm or the forest. 

More than 18,000 people visit our site, and more than 10,000 Connecticut residents offsite feel the ripple effects of our community partnerships with local schools and community organizations. Every year, we need your help to make this all happen.

When you become part of the Common Ground community by riding on our team and fundraising, or contributing to another rider's fundraising, you help inspire kids and create strong pathways for becoming curious lifelong learners. We need your help now, please join us!



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