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Your support this year will go directly back into CitySeed’s work to grow an equitable, local food system.

An equitable food system means community ownership, it means thriving local farms, it means equitable economic opportunity through food, it means access to healthy food for all, and it means celebrating the cultural cuisines that make up our community.

CitySeed’s work addresses all these aspects of our food system:

  • Through our network of New Haven-based Farmers Markets, we partner with over 60 CT vendors – half of whom of CT farmers – to bring fresh produce and local products to our city weekly, and make them available and affordable to all residents through SNAP/food stamp matching and other incentive programs.

  • This year, CitySeed grew its Food Entrepreneurship Services aimed at reducing barriers to entry for those launching or growing a food business. We offer a Food Business Accelerator (a 12-week training and mentorship program), commercial kitchen space, food business advising and workshops, connections to farmers, and access to Farmers Markets.  

  • CitySeed’s nationally recognized Sanctuary Kitchen program – made possible by a volunteer leadership team – provides economic opportunities for 45+ immigrant and refugee chefs to share their cultural cuisine. Sanctuary Kitchen Catering, a social enterprise within Sanctuary Kitchen, employs and offers professional culinary training for refugee and immigrant chefs to take on catering opportunities in the area.

  • CitySeed continues addressing New Haven’s 22% rate of food insecurity and related chronic disease through Cooking Education. We work with partners to train and empower neighborhood cooking instructors to lead free cooking and nutrition classes, particularly for SNAP/food stamp recipients, low-income families, youth, and seniors.  

For more information, please check out CitySeed’s website, stop by a Farmers Market, attend a Sanctuary Kitchen event, or give us a call at our office (203-773-3736).



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