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New Haven Farms' Red Beet Riders

11th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride

Our 2018 Red Beet Riders enjoying some fun in the sun!

If you like riding bikes and love beets, Join our team the Red Beet Riders!  

Who we are:

New Haven Farms (NHF) is a community based non-profit, founded in 2012 with the mission of promoting health and community development through urban agriculture. We are pioneering innovative and creative ways to catalyze significant and sustained changes in the lives of families across New Haven, Connecticut.  From our inception, we have made urban farms the heart of our community-based mission. Growing food as medicine is our work, and we are proud to bring agriculture to urban neighborhoods within New Haven to promote positive long term public health  change. NHF grew out of the Fair Haven Community Health Center’s diabetes prevention program with the Farm Based Wellness program as our signature initiative. We are building a movement in the New Haven community in which all people can be empowered and supported to make positive behavior changes to live healthier lives.

What we do:

  • The Farm Based Wellness Program is built off of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Diabetes Prevention curriculum. Families engage in 20 weeks of intensive hands on gardening and cooking education,and receive mindfulness and nutrition classes, bringing the power of food as medicine to urban neighborhoods in New Haven. Equipped with recipes and a basket of fresh produce, program participants are given the tools and food necessary to bring what they have learned home, enabling them to create healthy meals for themselves and their families. Our youth program brings the children of our referred patients onto our farms to foster their connection with nature and spark a love and taste for fresh, healthy food and an active lifestyle. They create a meal to share, exploring new and delicious foods they have harvested on the farm. Youth engage in garden work, learning about agriculture, the food system, and the complex,magical world that exists in nature.

  • Our Community Health Ambassador (CHA)  program works to train and empower female graduates of the FBWP to work as mentors or assistants in other aspects of our programming. We currently have 16 women working as CHAs. The CHAs assist with the farm stand, vegetable production, community outreach and recruitment and other essential aspects of the FBWP. The most essential part of the CHA program is peer-to-peer mentoring. The CHA program is still very young and is thus still growing.

  • The Incubator Garden Program is a collaboration with the New Haven Land Trust, currently working with 75 families to grow their own food in community garden plots across the city. The program is available to any graduate of the FBWP, serving as an opportunity for families to produce their own organic vegetables, and continue engaging in positive behavior change for long term health gains.

  • Our weekly Farm Stand running from May through October, located at 613 Ferry Street, sells organic produce at low cost to the community. We accept and double all SNAP, WIC, and Senior Farmer’s Market coupons. 

How you can help:

  • Join our team and ride and or volunteer at the Rock to Rock Earth Day ride on Saturday April 27th, 2019
  • Commit to riding one of the routes, whether it be there 5 mile family parade, the 12 mile route or the metric century route, all riders are encouraged to just hop on their bikes and ride.
  • Invite some friends and family to pledge to support your ride.  
  • Grab your water bottle and some sneakers and meet us at the starting line!



Quick Stats

$12,436.00 Raised
29 Participants

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