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Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company

11th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride

Sikorsky is excited to participate in the Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride in support of a greener and healthier CT and world


Our Planet

At Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, for both the company and its employees, finding ways to take care of our planet is ingrained in our DNA. This is evident in our GoGreen2020 commitment to reduce carbon emissions, facility energy use, water use and waste to landfills by the year 2020 using our environmental metrics to measure performance. Right here in Connecticut, employees have been biking to work, plugging in their cars with company-provided charging stations, and recycling throughout the many campuses where our employees work. Sikorsky has also been increasing awareness amongst its employees of how to be involved with CTrides. The program incentivizes employees to consider commuter options to get to work with lower carbon emissions, such as carpooling, public transportation and of course cycling! 

With all of this, you can see why we are excited to be part of Rock to Rock.

Our Rock to Rock Story

Sikorsky became involved with the Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride in 2018 when a local nonprofit New Haven Farms (NHF) reached out to us to join their Rock to Rock team. Thrilled by this new opportunity, the Sikorsky cycling community, including many new faces, was all in; NHF and Sikorsky joined hands, and together we hit the road strong for community and the environment. 

The largest group of Sikorsky participants registered with the NHF Red Beet Riders team, raising tremendous support as fellow team members for this growing and impactful organization. When ride day came, together we enjoyed the spirited atmosphere, contagious energy and that indescribable and rewarding feeling of being with thousands of people for a cause worth riding for. We knew we were part of something big and this was just the beginning.

Since last April the momentum has continued to build at Sikorsky, and we look forward to riding this year as both a unique team and with even more vigor in support of our good friends at New Haven Farms as well as other organizations our team members are passionate about.  

With a growing thirst for more environmental initiatives and overall health and wellness opportunities, Sikorsky employees, families and friends can't wait to ride on April 27!

We need your support ...

We couldn't be more proud to be part of this event supporting so many great organizations. While our team is supporting New Haven Farms, our individual riders may have selected additional organizations they are passionate about and excited to support.

When you click "Support Us" and donate to our team, your donations will go to support New Haven Farms. When you make a donation to an individual team member, it will be divided amongst the choice organizations they have selected.

Our Charity: New Haven Farms

We are looking forward to supporting New Haven Farms through Rock to Rock. 

New Haven Farms is an innovative nonprofit organization that promotes health and community development through urban agriculture. It works at the intersection of food related chronic illness, environmental degradation and poverty. As a model for cities throughout our nation, NHF is playing an important role in reducing food insecurity and poverty in under resourced neighborhoods throughout New Haven, combatting climate change and environmental degradation through its farming practices and community supported agriculture, while also fighting disease and building empowered and diverse communities. They grow and teach about food as medicine to heal the sick and make our community a healthier and more environmentally responsible place to live.

Please join our team and see you on the road!

This is the New Haven Farms Red Beet Riders and Sikorsky participants from the 2018 ride:image003.jpg

Learn about the work and mission of NHF here. (1 minute clip)

Meet families whose stories have changed here. (4.5 minute clip)

Join us:

We are happy to have families and friends of Sikorsky employees  join our team and make our impact on the planet even greater! 

Come ride with us.



Quick Stats

$7,530.00 Raised
41 Participants

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