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  • CitySeed's Radishing Rollers are riding to support CitySeed’s SNAP Double Value Program -- which allows New Haven’s low-income residents to double their SNAP benefits when they purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at any of our Farmers Markets!

    The SNAP Double Value Program is one of the key ways that CitySeed helps ensure that all New Haven residents have access to Connecticut grown fruits and vegetables.

    But for 2019, our SNAP Double Value Program is in danger.

    After seven successful years, the funding that CitySeed relies on to support this program has ended. We’re working hard to seek out new funding sources to continue this critical program, but we urgently need help from CitySeed supporters like you.

    Cutting this program is simply not an option. Almost a quarter of New Haven’s population suffers from food insecurity – lack of food or money to buy food. Through SNAP, a quarter of our community receives federal funding for groceries, which they can use to purchase high quality, fresh produce at affordable rates through CitySeed.

    Please join our team and make a tax-deductible donation to help us ensure that we can keep running this essential program and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our neighbors who need them most. Thank you!



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