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Greetings Friends,

First and foremost, I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are all well. Hopefully together we’ll endure these difficult days and perhaps even discover some simpler pleasures to be grateful for. 

While the 2020 Rock to Rock Earth Event will feel very different this year, I'm pleased to say that 'Team Melonheads' is on the move! Participants will individually ride, run, walk, hike, climb, skateboard or otherwise travel a combined 1000 miles between now and April 30th. We’ve created a 50-mile loop that passes by many of the business, restaurants and organizations with whom we collaborate. We’ll be tracking our miles and posting pictures on our R2R homepage so you can keep track of our progress. Your support of our efforts would be greatly appreciated.

There are many reasons to support Massaro Community Farm, but the ‘Feed People’ part of our tag line is especially important today. Your donation will help us feed our community through both on-farm sales and our food donation program. We have partnered with other local farms to offer you weekly, no-contact sales of vegetables, mushrooms, dairy and meat products. We are happy to safely serve our community in this way. We also hope to have even more produce to offer our local food pantries this season. Our food donation program has an average value of $30,000 annually. Your donation will help offset the costs associated with this vital community service.

With gratitude and hope,
Co-Vice President, Massaro Community Farm
Keep farming. Feed people. Build community.

PS: You’re also welcome to join the Melonheads and become a rider. Contact team leaders Jon Gorham ( or Lindsay Browning ( for more information. Thanks!

Check out this overview of Massaro Community Farm.

Our team goal was 500 miles then 1,000, but we've blown that away and are now hoping to reach 2,000 miles by April 30th. Whew, our team can ride! Not me especially, but I try. My personal goal is 50 miles. Progress to date:

4/4 - 12 miles, visited Lock Stock and Barrel, a great store and farm supporter. Not a bad ride, only dropped my chain 3 times and had to traverse 3 incredibly steep hills in easiest possible gear. But I didn't leave my bike. So there.

4/12 - 15 miles, back roads of Bethany. Really don't recommend Bethany Farms. Brutal. Never left bike. That's all I'll say. I did get to meet these beautiful 'oreo' cows, so that's cool.

4/16 - 10 miles, finally found a neighborhood ride, not too hilly. Just had to ride it 3 times.

4/20 - 10 miles in Woodbridge. Much gentler terrain than Bethany. 

4/22 - Celebrated Earth Day by picking up garbage in my neighborhood, mostly booze bottles and cans!

4/25 - 50 mile goal met, with 7 to spare! Rode another 10 miles, same as 4/4 ride, but I managed to keep my chain on the whole time - progress! Still trying to figure out how a circle in Bethany can be all up hill tho ...

4/28 - I wouldn't say we're friends, but Bethany and I are getting along better these days ... 10 more miles today!