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             1 Month                          200 Miles                  50 Years

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a radical change in this year’s Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride. Each of the 30 environmental organizations and their team riders will create individual events. So here’s what I will be doing:

During the 1 month of April, I will ride a total of 200 miles on my clunky, hybrid bike, to celebrate of the 50 Years of Earth Day. I am doing this to raise much needed funds for Massaro Community Farm (MCF), which I co-founded twelve years ago. Please support me by clicking HERE.

WHY support Massaro Community Farm in this time of crisis?

            1. The national food supply system is in peril. We need to nurture local farms, like Massaro, since food insecurity is on the rise. Starting on March 20, 2020 Massaro set up a curb-side, pre-order, pickup of fresh bundled Massaro vegetables and produce (e.g. eggs, mushroom, yogurt, buttermilk, and more) from other farms.  MCF is  getting food to the community safely, offering an alternative to going in to a store for some items, and providing an outlet for our partner farms who have lost the regular sales outlets they depend on (e.g. restaurants, markets, schools) to keep their farm businesses going.

        2. With our Nature Trail and Bike Team, the Massaro MelonHeads, we encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature. Self-quarantining and social distancing are causing cabin fever; people want ways to be outside and be ACTIVE.

            3. Every non-profit in the state is under financial distress. MCF was forced to postpone two major music and art celebrations with Grammy-award winner musician Paul Winter. Given the economic upheaval in these times, Massaro is forced to rethink our business model; how and when do we service our CSA subscribers? how much do we donate to relief organizations? how much do we sell at farmers’ markets? etc. Now more than ever before, we need YOUR SUPPORT.

WHAT will you do with my donation?

            1. Pay the salary of a full-time environmental educator who started last year. Corey’s Thomas's expertise is in animal husbandry. Kids love the Goat Hikes.

            2. Finish up the sustainability infrastructure projects we started in 2019: e.g. adding more solar on the barn roof and new ones on the farm house; landscaping around the sustainable parking area; etc.

            3. Expand the growing acreage of an abandoned adjacent field by introducing hundreds of chickens as natural devourers invasive species and to fertilize the soil for future plantings.

Please Support My Ride for MCF:

            1. During the month of April I will ride (solo) a total of 200 miles to experience firsthand the beautiful countryside in which we live. I will document my rides on social media.

            2. The MelonHeads have formed a VIRTUAL BIKE TEAM; individual members will HIKE, RIDE or RUN various distances. Our goal is to get as many riders outside and active as possible. Total team mileage will be tabulated.

            3. This will be the 7th year of my riding for the MelonHeads. This Rock to Rock ride is a major fundraiser for the farm. We thank you for your past support and hope you will do so again.

For a great drone flyover of the farm, click here

I would greatly appreciate your support. And please come visit us. I will give you a VIP tour of our award-winning farm. Ride on MelonHeads. Support my ride by clicking HERE.

                     Keep Farming. Feed People. Build Community.