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I am participating in the Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride for my second time, and you can join me. 

Your donation to my page supports the transformative work of New Haven Farms.

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why am i involved?

Rock to Rock is an Earth Day event that supports many phenomenal organizations that share my values. This is an annual community moment that takes place in and is representative of the unique and diverse culture of New Haven, the city that I have grown to love over the past two years. This ride is not only a way to show my appreciation and support for these great causes but also to connect with others in doing so, friends, coworkers and neighbors alike. 

Of these great orgs, specifically volunteering and witnessing the work first hand of New Haven Farms  (NHF) has opened my eyes to a particular model community that is transforming lives. 

This small and growing urban farm's approach to addressing diet-related health issues through its farming programs and treating food as medicine goes beyond just healing the sick, although it does that well. NHF is playing an important role in reducing food insecurity and poverty in under resourced neighborhoods throughout New Haven, combatting climate change and environmental degradation through its farming practices and community supported agriculture, while also fighting disease and building empowered and diverse communities.  

Recognizing that one person cannot move a mountain, I am further excited to be a team co-captain of the brand new Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, team that will together as one team raise more support than I could hope to achieve on my own.  

For more reasons why I am animated about this cause, click here for last year’s rider spotlight.

Have just 1 minute? Learn about the work and mission of NHF here.

Have 4.5 minutes? Meet families whose stories have changed here.

Enter the Raffles! (yes plural!)

Need some additional motivation? There will be two raffles for those who contribute to my page.

Every $18 donation = 1 Raffle Entry

  • The Simple Raffle: One entry will be drawn to receive Simply in Season cookbook, celebrating fresh, local foods! 

  • The Triple Raffle for Top Donors: After all entries from the simple raffle are returned, raffle entries will be drawn continuously until a name appears 3 times. The winner will receive share: the cookbook that celebrates our common humanity, containing ethnic and cultural recipes from women around the world with an introduction by Meryl Streep and quotes from influential humanitarians, 100% of profits go to Women for Women International

Do not underestimate the importance of your gift. Even a small donation will go a very long way for this young and growing nonprofit organization.

Your contribution in any amount is appreciated! It's 100% tax deductible, and goes to support a truly great cause.

Thank you for your generous support.



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