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In this year's Rock to Rock, I have decided to really challenge myself, and will be riding a metric century (that's 62.1371 miles, to be exact) with the City Seed Radishing Rollers on April 27!

In the spirt of Spring and of giving, I am challenging each of you as well: to reach into your heart and make a donation (any bit helps!) to a great cause that gives children and their families access to fresh, healthy, DELICIOUS food in our community.

Please help me create a greener, healthier, more just climate, from Rock to Rock! Our community and planet need our support!

I will join about 1,000 of my friends and neighbors to ride from West Rock to East Rock (by way of Wallingford and Guildford) to raise support for more than 30 community organizations. I would be honored to have you support my ride -- or to join me on the road, if you like!

Thank you so much for giving generously. Your donation is 100% tax deductible, and goes to support a great cause. 



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