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You've made it to my page! 

Thank you for your interest - if you've made it this far, you probably already know a lot about me and/or Common Ground, and have decided: "YES, I will support the ride. Where's the link?" Click on the green button that says "SUPPORT ME" above.

Not everyone steps into their power right away - if you're still undecided about how or whether you can make a difference, I've tried to write down why I think your gift to my ride will make a world of difference!

Your support makes possible ...

  1. a new model for public education that works, and is rippling outward
  2. a powerful generation of environmental and community leaders - see this YouTube video about Nature Year and while you're on our YouTube channel, check out our most recent high school video!
  3. conversations at the intersection of environmental sustainability and social justice
  4. an inclusive, welcoming refuge in New Haven for ALL people and ALL living things
  5. growing and sharing healthy, local, sustainable food

... and your involvement can be more than a gift of money. 

Here's a few ways you can help during Rock to Rock:

  • Leave a comment about why you think Common Ground is vital to New Haven and beyond (right on this page).
  • Share one of your favorite Common Ground videos on social media (this is a link to our Youtube channel)
  • Sign up to bike with the Common Ground team
  • Write your comment about why Common Ground matters on your own registration page
  • Take a deep breath and set a goal to ask 10 friends or family for at least $10 each. 
  • Thank those who say yes!
  • And, of course, add your own gift to the contributions of many others - there is strength in our numbers!



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