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Please help me create a greener, healthier, more just climate, from Rock to Rock! Our community and planet need our support!


I thought that this year I would avoid the annual spring carnage.

As many of you know, every spring for the past few years, I reach out to friends and colleagues seeking support in my efforts to raise money for my wife’s school Common Ground. In exchange for donations, I enter into the world of self destruction, riding my bicycle uncomfortable and occasionally agonizing distances in the Rock to Rock Earth Day event.

This year I thought that there would be a (I think, well deserved) reprieve. Liz and I are attending a wedding and will be out of town on the appointed Rock to Rock day, April 28th. I DID feel a bit guilty not being able to raise much needed dollars for an incredible school that values environmental concerns and social justice. But I’m OLD!

The ride has been filled with great personal memories. There was the year that I rode a metric century in a torrential rain storm. I was the oldest participant in a crew of hard core enthusiasts, drawing the undivided attention of the support vehicle that became my personal escort – waiting for me to drop…FUN!

I also remember the frigid year when my cold induced asthma and my modest concern for exchanging air resulted in my missing an important turn. I wound up riding a Metric Century (62+ miles) rather than the planned 40….WHAT A BLAST!

It was all worth it… After all I got to raise over $10,000 for this worthy cause! (I also got to silence my wife’s constant reminders of how Common Ground, a state charter school, educates its students at a per pupil budget that is thousands less than other New Haven public high schools).

(Un)Fortunately, when I expressed my “disappointment” to Joel Tolman, CG’s Director of Community Engagement, he said “Dave, let’s see what we can do”. (Read- we can really use the cash you raise by beating up your aging body).

So what happened? Well, Joel made arrangements with organizers of the event to test a few of the routes with yours truly accompanying them next Sunday, April 8th. (Translation: Me alongside bicycle geeks with tree trunk legs, riding the streets of New Haven and surrounding towns looking for pot holes large enough to engulf small children in preparation for the annual event.) This ride, for me, will take the place of my usual Rock to Rock debacle, allowing me to solicit and raise needed dollars… (Win! (CG) – Win? (DG)).

There is a new true confession. I bought a new bike. Its’ considerably lighter frame has made me realize what an Edsel (young folk Google it) I have been pushing in past years. Those of you that donated towards my discomfort in the past, I realize now, got an underappreciated bonus of aging legs dragging essentially a small house through Metric and true Century rides!

I have, however, discovered a relevant mathematical equation:


For those of you who aren’t math majors, this means that this early spring ride on my bicycle that has not emerged from the basement since November IS GONNA HURT!

So, sign up on this Rock to Rock page and make a currently tax deductible (Don’t get me started on that tangent!) donation to support Common Ground, the environment and our community!