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Hello!  Many of you donated to my Rock to Rock fundraising efforts last year -- thank you!  It would be wonderful if you would consider donating again -- or for the first time if you haven't donated before.

Rock to Rock is a wonderful local event / fundraiser, where lots of folks who care deeply about environmental issues ride their bikes on routes of different lengths (I'm doing the 40 miles route) from one Rock (West Rock Park) to another (East Rock Park), raising money for local environmental organizations.  The ride is on April 28 this year.  

Reading yesterday in the NYT that more than 700 people have left the EPA since Trump became President, and that more than 200 of them are scientists, is extremely disturbing, though not surprising, given how the aim of the current administration is to roll back any sensible regulations or efforts to address the sustainability challenges facing our country and the world.  Therefore corporations, states, and cities have to step up their efforts for the next three years.  I therefore think it is critical to support the many local nonprofits in New Haven doing important work on the sustainability front.

I am riding once again on Team Common Ground (, because I believe Common Ground has a major positive impact in New Haven and beyond. It is a charter school which uses an ecological framework to organize its curriculum, it has environmental education programs for people of all ages, and it has a very cool urban farm. 

Thanks so much for considering donating to this important cause!




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