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Hi folks, I am excited about my upcoming Rock to Rock 8 mile bike ride on April 22,2017 which will raise  money for EcoWorks and organizations which support recycling and keeping our environment green!  Pat and I have been volunteering at EcoWorks for the past 3 years, which is near and dear to our hearts.

Let me tell you about EcoWorks!  EcoWorks is a reuse center for the creative arts.  We sell low cost art supplies and materials to teachers, artists and other creative people. In addition, we have a reBoutique gift shop of upcycled and repurposed goods made by Connecticut artisans; we also offer workshops to teach people how to use recycled materials, and other special events

Because we are an all volunteer organization, Pat and I have been the managers/store clerks making it possible for EcoWorks to be open 2days/week.  We are raising funds to hire part-time help to expand open hours, thus making our reused materials more available and out of the land fill.

I would appreciate any support that you can give me for the expansion of EcoWorks and its mission while I am pedaling along the 8 mile bike ride!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.


Kim Cartwright, Sr.

To make an online donation, please click on “Support Me!”ss