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With your help we can continue our good work at Massaro Community Farm (MCF) which began as a non-profit in 2008. Since then, with a bare-bones staff, we have:

  • Established an ecological, organic farming operation, with nearly 10 acres under cultivation, and more than 50 varieties of vegetables
  • Supported the establishment of four school gardens in area schools with accompanying nutrition education In partnership with FoodCorps 
  • Restored an historic Massaro farmhouse, dating back to the 1850s, renovated the two-story gambrel dairy barn, and salvaged a 1931 stone barn 
  • Given over 58,000 pounds of fresh organic produce to people in need while servicing nearly 200 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscribers in 2016.

What’s special about this Rock to Rock ride in 2017?

    1.    This is the final event in our Centennial Celebration of the Massaro family’s purchase of the land.  In 1916, Italian immigrants John and Mary Massaro bought 110 acres of land on Ford Road in Woodbridge and Ansonia and began farming. In 1995 the farm was abandonned and lay unattended for over a dozen years.

Massaro-Family - jongorham - Flickr

                                                                               The Massaro Family

    2.    The Massaro bike team is going for a FOUR-PEAT - our team has been the top fundraiser for the past three years (out of about 25 environmental organizations each year)

        We are recruiting riders and bike team supporters of all ages, stripes and sizes. Participants can use any bike they can find. You can go 8, 20, 40 or 63 miles depending on your legs.

Melonhead-bike-helmet - jongorham - Flickr

                    Thanks to Nutcase in Portland, Oregon for the generous donation of helmets.                                                                                           See their awesome selection HERE           

3.    We need to raise funds to accomplish three major objectives in 2017:

        a) Complete the design and construction of KEY farm infrastructure projects:

                  1) a welcome pavilion/ Learning Center, and, 2) an environmentally friendly parking area 

        b) Expand our educational offerings and support staff including funding to continue our FoodCorps nutrition educator, and,

        c) Fund critically needed administrative assistant positions and establish funds to   support key staff members and interns.

To learn more about Massaro Community Farm, check out the following videos and visit our Facebook page.

Massaro Community Farm (MCF) by Larissa Hall (1:55 run time)
1:55 Run Time

Girl Scouts - Massaro Donates Food
 2:59 Run Time

How to Grow A Farm
6:14 Run Time

MCF - Early History by Jason Morrill 
MCF - Jason Morrill Videos (3:11 run time
3:11 Run Time

Please do not forget that all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Thanks you for your support !

Let’s get rolling. Join us and become a bonafide            ...............................................MelonHead........................

MelonHead-Rider - jongorham - Flickr



Keep Farming. Feed People. Build Community.

Click HERE for our 2016 Year End Report.

Please do not forget that all donations are 100% tax deductible.