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Jonathan Gorham

Team Captain Massaro MelonHeads 9th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day

Please support me on my fifth Rock to Rock bike ride. It’s to raise money for a great cause, Massaro Community Farm (MCF). With vision, community support and lots of hard work, many great things have happened in just eight years since our non-profit farm was established. MCF is fulfilling its mission to: Keep Farming. Feed People. Build Community. 

Seven Reasons to Suport MCF:

  1. Local organic farming is one step toward building resiliency in the food system. From our eight plus acres now under cultivation we have: donated over 58,500 pounds of fresh produce with a street value of over $200,000 to local food banks and social service organizations. 
  2. MCF serves as a state and national model for farmland revitalization and economic development. We have employed local residents as farm staff, providing training opportunities for young aspiring farmers and even helped Michelle Obama plant the White House garden.
  3. MCF is building community by offering a wide variety of educational activities. We hold an annual 2-week farm-based summer day camp for 45 children. We hosted 25 field trips and ~1,250 children, teachers, and adults in the 2015-16 school year.
  4. MCF’s Melonhead bike helmets are très chic; we have started a biking fashion trend and intend to enlist more Melonhead team riders in 2017.            
  5. We need funds to keep our red tailed hawk under contract. See her flyover view of the farm. Click on the image of our hawk to the right HERE: 
  6. I need a biking goal - 20 miles this year - to keep me working out and looking forward to another spectacular Earth Day spring ride.
  7. Your contribution is tax deductible with 100% of the money going directly to MCF (less credit card charges, if applicable.)

Steve Munno

My first cycle (age 3)












My most recent cycle (Copenhagen Wheel, an e-bike), Click on the image to learn more.