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This spring, if you are like me, you are probably called to action in ways that you haven't been before. Maybe, like me, you are ready to protest, and make phone calls, and resist, and donate, and make different choices, and show up in ways that might have made us uncomfortable in the past.

I'd like to ask, as one piece of pushing back against this strange new world we live in, that you consider supporting Common Ground. In the midst of cuts to EPA, and threats to public education, and the ascendancy of climate change deniers, and attacks on urban communities of color, and questions about our fundamental commitments to inclusiveness and justice, and efforts to dismantle of years of progress on local organic agriculture and environmental justice, Common Ground's work feels more urgent and critical than ever. When I think about it, I realize that nearly every one of my 195 students -- young people of color, young women, students living with disabilities, refugees, immigrants -- feels personally attacked by what's happening in Washington. I think a lot about how we can be a refuge for our students and our community in the midst of this, and also a catalyst -- showing the world that there's a different way to be, giving people a space to get organized, pushing back when our community is threatened. 

I am happy to say that, in these difficult and unpredictable times, you can count on a few things. On April 22nd, I and a thousand of my neighbors will take to the streets of New Haven, building a stronger, healthier, greener, more beautiful community together. If you support my ride, I will still make you fresh, warm, full of love cookies, and deliver them to your door. When you donate, you'll be helping amazing young people grow into powerful agents of change and successful college students, ready to take on the world. You'll be connecting thousands of kids to the natural world, and helping to grow and share thousands of pounds of fresh local produce. And you'll be helping to grow a seed of love, and mutual support, and justice, and sustainable change here in New Haven that I hope will grow into something too big to resist.

I would love to have you join Common Ground's team for Rock to Rock. I'd be honored to have you support by ride. And I'd love to hear how you are working to grow the sort of community and country we'll be happy and proud to call home. 

Thanks so much for your support, and for being a friend and neighbor. We need each other now more than ever.