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Albert Schweitzer's Legacy (Quinnipiac)

11th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride

Albert Schweitzer, the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, was recognized for his contributions to peace by serving the medical needs of underserved populations in Africa, bringing attention to the harms perpetrated upon humans and the biosphere by atmospheric nuclear testing, and his philosophy of Reverence for Life.  In these ways, he became an advocate for peace, for humanistic values and humanitarian action, for medical care, for (social, economic and political) development, for the arts, for service to others, and for a growing environmental movement.

The Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University is committed to introducing Schweitzer's philosophy of Reverence for Life to a broad audience in order to bring about a more civil and ethical human society characterized by respect, responsibility, compassion and service.  The institute endeavors to keep his work and philosophies alive for people throughout the world and for future generations who strive to serve humanity and alleviate suffering.  We work particularly in three areas: peace and human rights, environmental sustainability, and the extension of health care to underserved communities.

The funds raised through Rock to Rock will be used to promote environmental sustainability on campus, and to support projects working in the Hamden/New Haven community around the areas of food security, watershed protection, and sustainability more generally.



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