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Haven's Harvest is a non-profit organization committed to food recovery. Each year, the US discards over 40% of the food we produce. That food often ends up in a landfill, where is it unable to biodegrade properly, and then will beginning creating methane - which is 20x more toxic for the environment than CO2.

At the same time as this surplus food is being thrown away, there are communities where food insecurity is a huge issue. We address this food imbalance by taking the food that would otherwise be thrown away and making it into community resource.

We use a direct-delivery model, which utilizes volunteers to pick up food from food businesses - restaurants, grocery stores, dining halls, etc.. Volunteers then deliver the food to a food receiver - senior residential sites, daycare centers, faith communities, schools, and more.

We will be doing the 12 mile ride, and we hope that you can join us on the Rock to Rock ride! 

If you are unable to ride with us, please donate to our team! All contributions are appreciated!



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$595.00 Raised
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