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Ecoworks runs a Creative Reuse Center which includes our reBoutique gift shop of up-cycled and repurposed goods made by CT artists and a mini-maker space.  If you are a teacher, artist, student or crafter you can find low-cost art supplies and unusual rescued materials which can provide support for all those seeking to be more creative and artistic!  Ecoworks also offers classes and workshops that span interests and media, including paper crafts, sewing, painting, sculpting, and more … 

A portion of the support we raise from Rock 2 Rock will fund the opportunity to:

* Build and sponsor the distribution of Science Technology Engineering Arts Math kits which combine art and our rescued materials with critical thinking skills to area classrooms,

* Provide additional tools for our Crafteria maker space area where community neighbors can come in to create and make things using shared space, tools and knowledge. 

* Work on product design labs to construct project kits using our rescued materials.

We are excited to share our mission of promoting resource conservation, creativity, education and community engagement through material reuse, waste reduction, recycling, composting and zero waste strategies.


                                                From waste to want…a thrift store for art supplies



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