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New Haven Farms' Red Beet Riders

10th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride


Please join New Haven Farms for the 10th Anniversary Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride! Last year we raised more than $10,000 and won a prize for the most number of new contributors to the team. Let's keep that going! We welcome back our loyal riding friends and are excited to engage new riders. 

Whether you participate in the event as a rider, a volunteer, or a donor, you'll be helping us advance New Haven Farms' mission to promote health and community development through urban agriculture.


Employment, education, food security, and neighborhood safety are leading social determinants of chronic disease. This can be seen in the fact that lower-income adults are more likely to be obese than their higher-income counterparts, and as a consequence experience higher rates of diabetes and other diet-related diseases.

New Haven Farms was founded in 2012 to respond to the intersecting crises of diabetes, obesity, environmental degradation, and poverty by promoting health and community development through urban agriculture. In pursuit of this mission, New Haven Farms transforms vacant, urban spaces into small organic farms in New Haven’s under-resourced neighborhoods.

On our farms, we grow high quality organic produce and host educational programming for families in the community. Check out our video to find out more about how we are changing the story through urban agriculture. 

We imagine a world where every family has access to fresh and healthy foods, food is used to prevent disease, and cities are health hubs filled with gardens, green spaces, and educational programs that promote community vitality.

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Quick Stats

$14,203.61 Raised
49 Participants

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