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Please help me create a greener, healthier, more just climate, from Rock to Rock! Our community and planet need our support!

Rock to Rock 2019

I will preface this by saying that I’m not sure how many of these I have left in me…

In a few days I will again try to flog myself in the Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride. As many of you know every year I ride my bicycle in support of my wife’s school, Common Ground High School. It is a labor of love as Common Ground is an amazing place whose mission is centered around respect for the environment and empowering students to fight for social justice.

This year again I will try to ride a Metric Century (62.13 miles). For the first time, however, the miles ridden will be fewer then the years I have been on this earth! LET ME SPELL THIS OUT CLEARLY!!!! 62.13 MILES RIDDEN BY THIS 62.5 YEAR OLD!!! .....Amazing feat?...Fodder for my tombstone? …We will see!

The challenge will be steep. My riding buddy, Paul Oliver, won’t be available this year. Significantly younger than me, Paul and I have been through many of these rides together. He has provided me with a large frame behind which I can draft. (For those of you who aren’t cycling geeks, anyone who voluntarily takes on a headwind on your behalf deserves a spot in heaven next to Mother Theresa!). Paul also appreciates that I’m OLD and paces accordingly. He also knows CPR…Yeah… that could be important as I try to climb Whirlwind Hill again. (I remember the year that the support vehicle followed directly behind me while climbing this near mountain, anticipating my demise – I thanked them with a single finger wave.)

Well, CAN I MAKE IT?????...WE WILL SEE!!!!...

PLEASE DONATE TO THIS GREAT CAUSE! …This may be one of your last chances to support my folly!

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