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Hello Fabulous Friends~~

Thank you for arriving here, at my Rock 2 Rock fundraising story. In March of 2013 I drove down in my little '91 civic hatchback from Crystal Spring Farms in Maine to New Haven for a job interview. I found myself in Fair Haven, walking around with Rebecca Kline, seeing the New Haven Farms gardens and stepping into "the clinic" now, Fair Haven Community Health Care. I was blown away with the bold simplicity and healing logic that drove what is still our mission, to promote health and community development through urban agriculture. 

Growing food as medicine and practicing a healthy lifestyle is the most ancient and basic form of public health and self care.  This simple yet profound work has never been so crucial. 

At New Haven Farms we transform vacant lots in New Haven’s under-resourced neighborhoods into productive farms sites, providing fresh organically grown produce and wellness education for low income families struggling with chronic diet related illnesses.  Our seven farm sites have grown into active community spaces, catalyzing community level change and long term public health improvements across the city of New Haven.

Thank you for making our work a reality. 

With much Gratitude & Joy



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