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It's time for the 10th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride! Here are ten reasons I hope you'll make a donation:

1. Whatever you donate goes to Common Ground -- which means 15,000 of our neighbors in New Haven will explore the natural world, eat food fresh from the farm, become first generation college graduates, learn how to garden in their backyards, and lots more.

2. I will send you fresh, homemade, full-of-love cookies to say thank you for your support. 

3. We are trying to turn this year's Rock to Rock into a parade, complete with bike floats, and costumes, and banners, all sharing our vision for a more just, green, welcoming community. If I reach my $2,000 goal, I will put on a ridiculous, embarrassing costume for our 10th annual ride. Want me to dress up as Stewart the Goat? Or the Planet Earth? Or a member of the Environmental Justice League? I'm all in.  

4. Because we need to stand up, and come together, and fight to create a community that we're proud to call home -- and that creates ripples that can't be resisted. 

5. Did I mention the cookies

6. It's tax deductible. At least until Trump manages to entirely dismantle all the positive parts of our tax system. 

7. Because we are facing a climate emergency, and we need to support the local environmental groups taking on the ground actions to address climate change, even if our federal government refuses to face reality.

8. Because we desperately need a new, diverse generation of environmental and social justice leaders like the young people who are students and alumni of Common Ground. 

9. Because it's fun, and easy, and makes a real difference.

10. Because you are an amazing, generous, kind human being

THANK YOU. I really, really appreciate your support. 



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