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I'm Riding for Massaro Farm, what are you going to do?

Anyone that knows me realizes that I love farming. I love talking about it. I love doing it. I want it to be part of my life and a part of your life.  That's why I'm invested in community farms and why I started working at Massaro Community Farm.  

I get to experience the joy of seeing, and helping kids, who come to the farm and learn about where their food comes from.  I get to see the "click" of a teen understanding what it means to eat local organic food and get excited about it.  I get to be inspired by volunteers who finally have a place to put their passions about food and the environment into action.  It is experiences like these that inspire me to keep up the good work that Massaro is doing.  I want more people to experience the joy, excitement, and appetite for change that we see at our farm.

That's why I'm riding for Massaro.  This year we are trying to raise $35,000 to continue our mission:  Keep Farming. Feed People. Build Community. A large part of these funds will be used to insulate part of our barn so that we have a four season educational space for the community.

Massaro Community Farm, Inc. is a nonprofit certified organic farm in Woodbridge, CT.  The farm fulfills its mission by offering the sale of produce to seasonal subscribers, restaurants, and at farmerā€™s markets; by running farm-based education for youth and adults, and by holding community building events each year. The farm maintains a commitment to donate at least 10% of its weekly harvest to hunger relief agencies. It donated over 5,000 pounds of food during 2018, and more than 58,000 pounds of food to date. For more information, please contact the farm office at (203) 736-8618 or visit, or just ask me!



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