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Update: Good work, team! As of Monday, 4/21, you've put 100% of the $10,000 Devil's Gear Bonus Fund to work! This bonus fund is now drawn down, but fundraising is still moving full speed ahead through Saturday, April 25th!

BIG NEWS! Thanks to the above and beyond support of THE DEVIL'S GEAR, we have a $10,000 Bonus Fund for our 12th Annual Rock to Rock!

Every time you give or raise $50, we’ll add $10 to the donation.

So …

When you reach your $100 suggested fundraising minimum, the organization you've chosen will get another $20!

If you raise $500, we will add $100!

If you give $100, we will add $20!

If your organization raises $2500, we will add $500!

If you give $250, we will add $50! If you raise $1000, we’ll add $200!

If you give $25, we will add $5!

Matching funds will be available until this $10,000 is used up … So time to get raising, because they will get used up fast!

To ensure that this match is shared far and wide, only the first $1,000 given to an organization by an individual will eligible for matching funds. So, any gift of $1,000 or above will earn a $200 bonus.

Matching funds will not show up on individual fundraising pages. They will be shared with beneficiary organizations after Rock to Rock on Saturday, April 27th!