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Want to make an offline donation? You rock!

If you choose, you can give checks or cash directly to the rider that you are supporting. Checks can be made out to the organization that rider is supporting. 

Received an offline donation? You rock too!

Here are the steps to take once you've received an offline donation:
1. Go to the Rock home page (, and make sure you are logged in (check the top right corner of the screen.
2. On your dashboard (the black area at the top of the page) go to” Donations"
3. In the drop down menu, click on “Add  Offline  Donation
4. Fill in the form (compete all form areas with a red asterisk)
5. Push “Add  Donation” at the bottom of the page
6. Pass along the check or cash to the organization that you are supporting, so that they can acknowledge that gift appropriately. If the check is made out to the New Haven Ecology Project (the fiscal agent for the ride), you can send it to Rock to Rock, c/o Common Ground - 358 Springside Avenue - New Haven, CT 06515.
Email if you have questions about offline donations!