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Maps & Routes

You choose: 8 miles, with stops at Edgewood Park and Beaver Pond? 20 miles, connecting West Rock, Sleeping Giant, and East Rock? 40 miles, with a visit to Lighthouse Park? A metric century, with a trip along the shoreline? Click on the maps below for additional detail.

Rock to Rock begins at Common Ground (358 Springside Avenue - directions), at the base of West Rock Park, and finishes at College Woods at East Rock Park. Along the way, we stop at Edgewood Park and Scantlebury Park.

8-Mile Route

We plotted our 8-mile route with riders of all ages and abilities in mind. It's flat, safe, and fun -- and makes use of many of our city's best cycling resources. This route has two stops in two new locations this year.  We encourage families with novice riders to consider parking at Edgewood Park and end their ride there, if they so choose.


12-Mile Route

The 12-mile route is back by popular demand after its debut in 2015 This route will not have a police escort.  We created this route at the request of adult riders wanting a shorter route that travels at a steady pace through parts of New Haven the ride has not seen before.  The route has just one stop at Bayview Park, next to the Long Wharf Nature Preserve. (The section along the Long Wharf Preserve is gravel/dirt and single track.  Some may choose to walk their bikes through this short section.)  This entire ride is flat and fun -- and explores new bike infrastructure and some beautiful cherry blossoms in the city!  



20-Mile Route

Looking for a bigger challenge? Our 20-mile route travels from West Rock, to Sleeping Giant, to East Rock. Upload this route to your Garmin device.

40-Mile Route

Our 40-mile route travels from West Rock, to Sleeping Giant, down to Lighthouse Point, and back to East Rock.  A great feature of this route is that its first 18 miles are the same as the 20-mile route, so you can always take a right turn at mile 17.8 and shorten the ride in half if you are struggling, injured, or antsy to get to the Green Fair. Email to request the gpx file for this route, so you can upload it to your Garmin device. Please label the email "40-mile map request".

Metric Century

In 2013, we added a metric century -- 62 miles long -- for those up for an even more serious ride.  New in 2017 is a rest stop near mile 17 at 115 Pond Hill Rd in Wallingford.  This ride has 3 stops: Pond Hill, Perk on Church, and Lighthouse Park. This ride is for serious cyclists only.  You must be an adult with a road bike-- No mountain bikes allowed on this ride. Support for this ride ends at 2pm. We want all riders to make it to the celebration at East Rock, which runs until 2pm, when the March for Science begins.