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Maps & Routes

We ask that all Rock to Rock participants respect important government and public health guidance about social distancing. Please, no group rides or actions!

Rock to Rock will look significantly different this year, to keep our riders and whole community safe and healthy. We're inviting participants to do Rock to Rock their own way, any time between Earth Day (April 22) and the end of Bike Month in May. You can:

  • Go for a ride on your own or with your immeidate household. 
  • Hike to the summit of East Rock or West Rock, on your own and maintaining safe social distance.
  • Take actions on behalf of our environment.
  • Ride a stationary bike or set a new milestone for your home exercise routine.

And we ask, however you are celebrating Rock to Rock, that you post videos and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using the hashtags #MyRockToRock and #RockToRock2020.

Check out our draft 2020 route maps below. Feel free to use these when planning your ride or walk -- while recognizing that different municipalities have issued different directives to protect community health and safety.

Family Friendly 5-Mile Bike Parade

This route is great for riders of all ages and abilities, and riders trailing parade floats. It's flat, safe, and fun! New Haven Police Department provides a rolling closure and escort for this ride. It has only one stop (in beautiful Scantlebury Park). 


12-Mile Route

Our 2019 12-mile toured Edgewood Park, went along the shoreline in Bayview Park and Long Wharf, included and ride through Wooster Square - Stay tuned for additional improvements in 2020 to avoid major intersection! This route will not have a police escort.  We created this route at the request of adult riders wanting a shorter route that travels at a steady pace through parts of New Haven the ride has not seen before.  The route has just one stop at Bayview Park, next to the Long Wharf Nature Preserve. (The section along the Long Wharf Preserve is gravel/dirt and single track.  Some may choose to walk their bikes through this short section.)  This entire ride is flat and fun -- and explores new bike infrastructure and some beautiful cherry blossoms in the city! 


20-Mile Route

Looking for a bigger challenge? Our 20-mile route travels from West Rock, to Sleeping Giant, to East Rock. Download our 2019 route GPX file, and stay tuned for an updated fil in April!

40-Mile Route

Our 40-mile route travels from West Rock, to Sleeping Giant, down to Lighthouse Point, and back to East Rock.  A great feature of this route is that its first 18 miles are the same as the 20-mile route, so you can always take a right turn at mile 17.8 and shorten the ride in half if you are struggling, injured, or antsy to get to the Green Fair. Downloadable GPX file for our 2019 40-mile ride.

Metric Century

Our beautiful metric century -- 62 miles long -- is for those up for an even more serious ride. This ride has 3 stops: Sleeping Giant, Guilford Rec Center (NEW rest stop), and Lighthouse Park. This ride is for serious cyclists only.  You must be an adult with a road bike -- no mountain bikes allowed on this ride. Support for this ride ends at 2pm. We want all riders to make it to the celebration at East Rock. Download the 2019 GPX file.  The route has not changed from last year. 

East Rock Park Walk

For non-cyclists, Rock to Rock offers a nature walk leaving at 10:45am from College Wood Ranger Station at East Rock Park (near Orange and Cold Spring Sts). Lasting one hour. Will have binoculars for participants to borrow. The bird walk is open to all ages. Walkers are welcome to register and fundraise