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36 Organizations. One Cause.

Rock to Rock brings together three dozen organizations, all doing high-impact work to create a healthier, greener community. When you collect pledges, you decide where these donations go: one of these organizations, or divided evenly among all these great groups?  /  Rock to Rock reúne a más de 30 organizaciones, todas con un trabajo de alto impacto para crear una comunidad más saludable y más verde. Cuando recauda las promesas, decide a dónde van estas donaciones: ¿una de estas organizaciones, o se divide equitativamente entre todos estos grandes grupos?

350 CT

350 Connecticut is a community of people working to move Connecticut beyond fossil fuels through grassroots organizing.  View its website. 

Albert Schweitzer Institute at QU

Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University will build projects in the community to connect Schweitzer's environmental legacy to the issue of food security, particularly in light of climate change. View its website.

Citizens Campaign Fund for the Environment

Founded in 1989, Citizens Campaign Fund for the Environment is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) environmental organization providing sound scientific information and research to support prudent governmental policies and environmental practices and promoting environmental justice and environmental education to benefit residents of New York, Connecticut, and the Nation. CCFE has successfully supported the following initiatives:
-Prohibiting the sale of personal care products containing plastic microbeads
-Prohibiting the use of toxic lawn-care pesticides on K-8th grade school grounds and day care facilities
-Establishing statewide Safe Rx disposal program at retail pharmacies across CT
-Many, many others

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization empowering people to experience breakthroughs exercising their personal and political power. Its chapter is just one of hundreds of chapters across the world working to create the political will for a livable world.

This local CCL chapter is laser-focused on a specific piece of legislation and a proven strategy to gain its passage. It is working for the passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend, the climate change solution economists and climate scientists alike say is the “best first-step” to preventing the worst impacts of a warming world.  The market-based Carbon Fee and Dividend policy will drastically reduce emissions, create jobs, and support small businesses and families — all without growing government. Visit its website.


CitySeed seeks to provide access to fresh, local food for all New Haven residents.  Its mission is to engage the community in growing an equitable, local food system that promotes economic development, community development and sustainable agriculture. Toward that end, CitySeed operates a series of year-round Farmers' Markets, a Mobile Market, Kitchen at CitySeed - a licensed commercial kitchen space that aims to build culture and community through education and entrepreneurship, and Sanctuary Kitchen - a culinary program that promotes the cuisines and stories of resettled refugees and immigrants to improve cultural understanding and build community.

Climate Healers

Founded in 2007, Climate Healers is a non-profit dedicated towards healing the Earth's climate. It operates on the core guiding principle, "Compassion For All Creation Is Infinitely Sustainable," and promotes a holistic transformation to a nonviolent, eco-friendly lifestyle with a large emphasis on dietary modifications to address the root causes of climate change and all our environmental crises. Climate Healers has co-created a wealth of educational material, including three books, "Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of Butterflies," "Carbon Yoga: The Vegan Metamorphosis," and "Meet the Meatocracy," and four documentaries, "The Human Experiment," "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret," "What The Health," and "A Prayer For Compassion." The flagship "Vegan World 2026!" project at Climate Healers has been featured in the award-winning 2019 documentary, "Countdown to Year Zero," produced by Jane Velez-Mitchell. View its website.

Columbus House, Inc.

Columbus House’s mission is to “serve people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing shelter and housing and by fostering their personal growth and independence.” Through the support of the Chamber’s Leadership Greater New Haven Community Service Project, Columbus House adopted a comprehensive list of guidelines that help Columbus House reduce waste, conserve energy, roll out a recycling program and make our kitchen operations more environmentally friendly. Columbus House continues to incorporate energy efficient appliances and lighting where feasible and recently installed solar panels on our new 17 unit supportive housing apartment complex, Valentina Macri, in the Hill section of New Haven. Funds raised through Rock to Rock will be used exclusively for the Greening of Columbus House.

Visit its web site

Common Ground

Common Ground is a environmental charter high school, urban farm, and environmental education center at the base of New Haven's West Rock Ridge State Park. Common Ground's mission is to cultivate habits of healthy living and sustainable environmental practice among a diverse commununity of children, adults, and families .Visit its web site.

Community Place-making and Engagement Network (CPEN)

(formerly the Learning Corridor- Newhallville) 

CPEN is based in a section of park along the Farmington Canal Trail being transformed through partnerships between Doreen Abubakar, the Friends of Farmington Canal Trail, URI, CT Audubon, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and others. 

Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation

The CMHC Foundation -- dedicated to supporting the clients of the Connecticut Mental Health Center -- has made healthy eating, cycling, and gardening key priorities for helping Connecticut residents lead healthy lives. From 2010 to 2015, the CMHC Foundation hosted CitySeed's Hill Farmers' Market, and provided more than $20,000 in subsidies and market coupons for CMHC clients and CMHC partner organizations. They also provided support for the development of a courtyard garden at their center, providing fresh food and volunteer opportunities for members of the CMHC community. More recently, the CMHC Foundation has launched “CMHC Cycles” -- a program that has provided over $2000 worth of bicycles and essential safety equipment to clients, allowing them to travel safely and become more physically active. To learn more about their work, visit their web site.

CTCORE-Organize Now

CTCORE-Organize Now! is dedicated to building communities of racial justice freedom fighters to dismantle systemic and structural racism in the state of Connecticut. We achieve our mission through a three-pillared movement building strategy and combine local base building (through our chapters) with issue-focused statewide network building. Environmental Justice & Healthy Equity is one of our four racial justice categories and food justice is a priority issue area. CTCORE leads a state-wide Food Justice Network to support  to identify and activate community-based economic solutions to increase racial equity and self-determination in our food system. For more information, visit our web site.

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

DESK serves people who are experiencing homelessness or living in poverty by providing food assistance and services that promote health, community, and equity. DESK is committed to ecologically sustainable practices surrounding the procurement and distribution of healthy food, including the use of locally-sourced and organic foods, a robust recycling program, encouragement of reusable bags among our pantry clients, and a new composting program. As one of the largest and highest-volume commercial kitchens in Downtown New Haven, DESK produces a considerable amount of organic waste and will be using contributions through Rock-to-Rock to support our composting program.

Visit its website. 

EcoWorks, Inc.

EcoWorks develops creative garbage solutions. EcoWorks believes that social change accelerates when people are having fun, and saving or making money. It is the only creative reuse center for the arts that accepts donations of industrial scrap that would have been destined for the trash bin and sells them at low cost to teachers, artists and others looking for low cost art supplies. EcoWorks:

- helps businesses reduce and/or divert trash (less to incineration, impact on climate change, etc.)
- provides affordable art supplies to teachers and artists
- provides a place for scrappy creatives to connect and share
- promotes reusing, sharing and collaboration

Visit its website. 

Elm City Cycling

ElmCityCycling is a nonprofit organization of more than 800 advocates whose mission is to make the greater New Haven area friendlier and more accessible to cyclists, pedestrians, and other users of non-motorized transportation. Keep up with the latest news through our yahoo listserv, and through monthly public meetings on the second Monday of every month. Visit its web site.

Farmington Canal Rail-To-Trail Association

The FCRTTA works to increase awareness of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail and to increase support for completing it as a continuous 84-mile non-motorized linear greenway for commuting and recreation from New Haven CT to Northampton MA.  About 75% of the trail is complete, however less than half of the New Haven section is done; in concert with our partners in New Haven we are working to do so. Visit its web site.

FISH of Greater New Haven

The primary mission of FISH of Greater New Haven, Inc., is to provide grocery assistance to the home-bound in the New Haven area. We deliver free bags of nutritionally sound groceries to households in New Haven. The households include families with children, elderly, sick, disabled, veterans, unemployed and underemployed individuals. Our clients are often unable to travel walk-in or mobile pantries and cannot afford an adequate supply of food. FISH is the only agency in the area to deliver free food to its (unfortunately) growing clientele. FISH of Greater New Haven remains a social service organization that is non-profit and non-denominational. View its website.

Friends of Edgewood Park

Friends of Edgewood Park (FOEP) is a volunteer organization whose goals are to promote and organize activities in the park, support the park rangers' work, and raise awareness and funds for the park. We are affiliated with the Elm City Parks Conservancy, an umbrella group for park groups in New Haven. Visit its web site.

Friends of Beaver Ponds Park

Friends of Beaver Pond Park (FoBPP) is a volunteer organization whose goals are to improve the natural features of the park. We are affiliated with Urban Resources Initiative (URI), a not-for-profit university partnership whose mission is to foster community-based land stewardship, promote environmental education, and advance the practice of urban forestry. Visit its web site.

Hamden Land Conservation Trust

The Hamden Land Conservation Trust is a group of Hamden residents who care about open space and work to protect it in our town. We also work to educate the public about ways to promote environmental practices in their own properties. We protect diverse natural environments including forests, woodlands, wetlands, tidal marsh, and more.  Our goal is to preserve what we can of Hamden’s last remaining open space parcels, to protect our forests, farmland and other natural features for the benefit of today’s families and future generations. View its website.

Haven's Harvest

(formerly Community Plates, then Food Rescue US) Haven's Harvest recovers edible food that would have otherwise gone to waste from restaurants, grocers and other food establishments and distributes it to local hunger relief agencies. This work simultaneously gets food to those who need it, reduces food waste, and minimizes the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from food waste in landfills. In 2018 Haven's Harvest rescued 64,000 pounds of food each month, estimated at 44,000 meals, and around $107,000 value.   Visit its web site

Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO)

(Formerly Inner City Outings) By introducing participants to the transformative power of nature, ICO serves a key function within the Sierra Club and supports John Muir's assertion that people who experience wilderness firsthand are much more likely to preserve it for future generations. Visit its web site.

Interreligious Eco-Justice Network

Engaging community in efforts that will improve the local environment's air, land, and/or water. Food justice and sustainable agriculture. Advocating for climate justice, environmental justice locally. Leading environmental education in our community. Advancing policies or actions that will fight climate change.

Junta for Progressive Action

The mission of Junta for Progressive Action is to collaborate with Latinx communities in the Greater New Haven area to advance the social, economic and civic environment for all, while embracing Latinx cultural traditions.Through Rock to Rock we aspire to reduce our organization's environmental footprint by increasing operational efficiencies and or upgrading site systems (e.g., planting a garden bed, installing solar panels, switching lightbulbs or appliances).

Love Fed New Haven

The Love Fed Initiative helps neighbors grow their own food at home and cultivates a growing community that actively works towards practicing food sovereignty while supporting personal wellness and environmental health through land stewardship, agricultural education and training, and culinary education.

Massaro Community Farm

Organized in 2008, Massaro Community Farm, Inc. is a nonprofit, certified-organic farm providing open space, vegetables and flowers, and hands-on education for all ages. MCF donated over 6,000 pounds of organic produce to our four community partners which help provide hunger relief around the region. Massaro hasprovided fresh, local organic to over 150 subscribers to the CSA and in 2012 we established a small but very successful summer camp. Visit its web site.

Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven

NHS is revitalizing  New Haven's neighborhoods with a holistic approach to development that merges community building with direct service. NHS New Haven buys distressed houses, rehabs them, and sells them to families with low and moderate incomes. 

New Haven Bike Month

New Haven Bike Month is a month-long celebration of biking culture in May in collaboration with the City of New Haven and many dedicated community members. By working closely with New Haven neighbors and neighborhoods on planning 100+ events throughout the month, Bike Month is building towards a vision where every person in every neighborhood feels safe, excited, and empowered to ride their bikes.


New Haven Bioregional Group

New Haven Bioregional Group/Transition Greater New Haven has been connecting New Haveners to Their Life-Place Since 2005. We provide educational movies re: environmental issues with potlucks to get folks talking and knowing each other. We lead walks in the Bioregion with speakers to learn more about our life place. We have a community Garden to learn about growing food and build community relationships. Visit its web site.


New Haven Land Trust/ New Haven Farms

The New Haven Land Trust and New Haven Farms merged this year. The organization engages people in stewardship and cultivation of the land for a healthier community and environment. They achieve this through land conservation, community gardening and environmental education. In 2017 we joined forces with Schooner to help kids connect to the coastline with summer camps and other coastal educational programs.Visit its web site.

New Haven Coalition for Active Transportation (NHCAT)

NHCAT promotes walking, biking, and all active forms of transportation as healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. NHCAT believes education should be free, widely available, and include all forms of active transportation to meet the needs of school students, residents, employees, public safety officials, and visitors in the City of New Haven. View its website.

New Haven-Leon Sister City Project

New Haven/Leon SCP supports education and sustainable development in Nicaragua and New Haven. We are working with community leaders in Goyena Nicaragua to create a sustainable, self sufficient community. In New Haven, our WAlkBikeTransit campaign advocates and educates to create a healthier New Haven and reduce climate changing greenhouse gases.Visit its web site.

New Haven Parks Department

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees is responsible for the stewardship of the City of New Haven's entrusted assets for the enhancement of the City, the enjoyment of its citizens and for initiating and conducting recreational programs and activities for all New Haven citizens. Visit its web site.

Solar Youth

Solar Youth's key program elements include environmental exploration, nonviolent communication, youth-led problem solving and mindfulness. Through our Kids Explore! Kids Do! Kids Teach! program model, youth explore their natural and social environments to understand their local ecosystems, build community connections, find ways to work as a team and find solutions to the problems they encounter through hands on activities and service learning. Visit its web site.

Urban Resources Initiative

URI is fortunate to be both part of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a separate nonprofit, as this uniquely positions our organization to serve as a remarkable bridge. URI fosters community-based land stewardship, promotes environmental education, and advances the practice of urban forestry. URI's Community Greenspace program works with 50 New Haven community groups to replant, restore, and reclaim the urban environment. Through GreenSkills Yale students train and mentor high school students and individuals with a history that includes incarceration by planting trees for hundreds of New Haven residents each year. Visit its web site.