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2 Rocks


From West Rock to East Rock, our 8-mile, 12-mile, 20-mile, 40-mile, and metric century routes explore our community's parks and greenspaces, back roads and city streets, city neighborhoods and small towns. Along the way, we listen to great music, eat tasty food, and enjoy a beautiful spring day.


1000 riders


All are welcome: families and college students, young hipsters and serious cyclists, senior citizens and high school students. Join our rock band. 


20+ organizations


Rock to Rock riders raise support for more than 20 local groups -- all doing high-impact work to create a healthier, greener community. When you collect pledges, you decide: support one group, or have your funds divided among all 20+?


1 cause 

We're in this together: 1 planet. 1 community. What better way to celebrate Earth Day?