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Rock to Rock is Moving Forward - In A New Direction, To Keep Our Community Safe & Raise Critical Support

We've been consulting with our riders and our partner organizations, and following directives from local and state officials closely -- and we're excited to share that Rock to Rock is moving ahead, in a new direction, for this spring. We'll still be able to celebrate the 50th Earth Day, and take real action in response to the climate emergency, and raise critical support for local environmental organizations -- while respecting vitally important government and public health guidance about social distancing, cancelling all group events, and slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

Rock to Rock will look significantly different this year, to keep our riders and whole community safe and healthy. 

We're inviting participants to do Rock to Rock their own way, on your own or with your immediate householdany time between Earth Day (April 22) and the end of Bike Month in May. You can go for a bike ride, solo or with the people you are living with every day. You can hike with your partner or immediate family to the summit of East Rock or West Rock. You can take action from home on behalf of our environment. You can ride a stationary bike or set a new milestone for your home exercise routine. And we ask, however you are celebrating Rock to Rock, that you post videos and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using the hashtags #MyRockToRock and #RockToRock2020.

Because Rock to Rock and our world looks different today than two weeks ago, we're reducing registration fees. You can register for $15, which covers the true cost of this new Rock to Rock. Because we want Rock to Rock to be available to everyone, you can choose to register for just $5. Or you can help cover the costs of another community member, and pay $30.

If you're not already involved, we invite you to sign up today. 

If you are already registered for Rock to Rock, you get to decide how you want to be involved in this new Rock to Rock:

  • stay registered, and get a partial refund to bring their cost into line with what we're offering other riders
  • stay registered, and choose not to get a refund
  • cancel your registration, and have your fee converted to a donation to support the event and the Rock to Rock organizing partners
  • cancel your registration, and get a full refund.

Click here if you are a current rider and want a full or partial refund, or want to convert your registration into a donation

And, because they need our support for their critical work, fundraising for our 36 Rock to Rock partners is moving full speed ahead. 

Many of our partners are stepping up in new ways to keep our community healthy and strong: Delivering local, fresh food to neighbors who are stuck at home. Moving their educational programs online to reach kids where they are. Providing support to our most vulnerable neighbors. And all of them are continuing to step up to face the slower-moving climate emergency that's still in the background, and to work in a hundred different ways to make our community greener, healthier, more welcoming, and more connected.  

Fundraising is live now, and will continue through April 25th. And thanks to the incredible support of The Devil's Gear, we'll add a $10 bonus to every $50 you raise or give.

If you can, please register, fundraise, or give today. We are in this together, and will make it through together. 

2 Rocks  


YOU decide which route is right for you. Our family ride, 12-mile, 20-mile, 40-mile, and metric century routes explore our community's parks and greenspaces, back roads and city streets, city neighborhoods and small towns. This year we encourage you to make Rock to Rock work for you! You can bike, walk, run, jog, or exercise at home and use the hashtags #MyRocktoRock and #RocktoRock2020 to share your experience with our community. 


1000 riders


YOU are welcome: families and college students, city residents and folks from around CT & the region, casual riders and serious cyclists, elder and young people. Rock to Rock is for everyone.  


20+ organizations


YOU decide what organization you want to support. Rock to Rock riders raise support for more than 2 dozen local groups -- all doing high-impact work to create a healthier, greener community. When you collect pledges, you decide: support one group, or have your funds divided among all of these great organizations?


1 cause 

We need YOU to celebrate Earth Day 50. We're in this together: 1 planet. 1 community. 


10 years, $1 million

Rock to Rock started in 2008, when about 300 riders raised $10,000 for a half dozen local environmental groups. Since then, Rock to Rock has raised more than $1.5 million -- all going to support a greener, healthier, more welcoming, more just community


YOU make it all possible.

Rock to Rock couldn't happen without you. We need you! Please join our rock band today.